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We always love when customers write or phone us to tell us how much they love their new walking canes.  We have also heard many times how sturdy and long lasting they are even better than the national brand!  We would like to share some with you, feel free to contact us and let us know how you feel about our work, better yet take time to leave a review!

September 20 2019

i just today received my quad cane
I have broken my foot and will need this for quite a while
I am so excited that I found your website
I am a young 71 year old that wants to walk in style
And that’s exactly what I got
I ordered the black cats and I am so so happy with my choice
I am a cat owner plus this cane is like no other on the market
Thank you so much

Lynn Simnowitz

November 5 2018

Dear Sirs, My new Vietnam walking cane is well made and the design is outstanding.  I could not believe it shipped to fast and Darcy was able to ship it ahead to my vacation destination so it met me at the door.  This company is personable and worked hard to make sure I got my cane fast.  So nice to work with an actual person online who made the canes.  Thank you and have a great day, J. Hubbert

October 22 2018

Hello, just wanted to thank you all for the 2 walking canes I received and tell you how much I loved them!  I used one to attend church recently and I got asked where I bought such a beautiful walking cane!  Your service was superior and I will be ordering more in the future, keep up the great work and thank you!

Sharon Yeggit - Florida

July 23 2018

"I recently received and was able to use my Folding Gel Handle Walking Cane with the beautiful dragonflies on it! 

I really just needed something for when my muscles and body get fatigued and then I get too unstable to count on "just touching walls or furniture" for balance right now. But things are creeping up on me fast. This cane is marvelous how it folds, and although my hand grip is moderately good in the right hand, I can truly say that compared to some others I tried in store, this gel handgrip makes a world of a difference! 
Darcy was a dream to speak with, and my order was shipped just as she had stated. I had not expected it to arrive as quickly as it had, so that was an extremely pleasant experience. 
Great company to work with all around! Thank you BFunkyMobility!!
Julie Bergman-Platner
Washington State

June 20,2018 - "Thank you for another wonderful product"  L Jennings

"The only place on earth that has the BEST selection of Military Walking Canes including Vietnam Veteran Design!" Charles Linton, Newport CT

We love to hear from our customers! Contact us to share your testimonial.
December 17 2017
Good afternoon,
I want to thank you for creating gear for veterans. I had ordered a walking cane for my father who is a Vietnam vet. He's always been kind of shy about his service. Since he has received his cane a couple days ago, he has not stopped showing it off to people and is using it more frequently. (Vs. His older cane) 
I moved from the Twin Cities to Denver and was so happy to see you guys are located in MN. That's what really sold me on your produt
Thank you again and have a happy holidays
Sgt Gearhart, Mitchell Royal 
August 12 2017
I received my cane and was breath less and speech less. You all did AMAZING.!!!!
Thank you 
Scott Grigas 
July 11 2017
Hello, BFunkyMobility:

I received my first BFunkyMobility offset cane, recently, after extended use of my previous offset cane encouraged me to begin a collection of useful, functional devices.
I have been using a cane since 2015, after being fitted with a prosthesis, since having a below the knee amputation of the right leg, July 2014.
I use the cane primarily for stability and balance, when I have to stand for prolonged periods of time, or when I travel to places where I'm unfamiliar with the terrain and distance of the location.
As I searched the Internet for sites where canes are sold, I found the "BFunkyMobility" website. I was delighted to see the Fractal May Flowers design, which I love, and have posted pictures of the same design on my social media page. I even have it as a wallpaper background on my iPhone! I ordered it, immediately, July 1, 2017.
The cane came within 2-4 days after ordering (July 4 holiday), and  the design looks exactly like the pictures shown on the website, or even better. It looks great!
I will be ordering more canes, in the future, and a friend of mine has been viewing the site, also, to order a cane from the fractal art collection.
Thank you so much, for the fast delivery, awesome cane design, lightweight but sturdy construction, and for allowing me to express my complete satisfaction with my investment!

Karen G. Larkins
 Feb. 21 2017 - "I challenged bfunky with a monumental task.  9 photos (head shotos) of  grandchildren to be put on a cane.  They worked hard with me and I kept at them to give me what I wanted.  It was a long and arduous task but they came through.  They worked very hard to please me.  The cane is perfect and just what I wanted.  It was a birthday gift to myself and I love it.   This company is amazing and out to please." Lois Forster
Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much my sister-in-law loved her butterfly cane.  I didnt tell her it was coming so she was really surprised and amazed how beautiful her new cane is.  She said the workman ship is incredible and is very stable even on slippery floors.  Thank you for shipping it out so fast.
Donna Black-Bushnell, Fl


Cynthia Tibbetts - Amazon

I ordered this cane for my father and it wasn't expected to arrive until 11/12-16th it arrived the day before Veterans Day. I was so pleased. He's a proud Navy (Seabees) man. It lit up his face to see this.

March 16, 2016

We were happy to receive a review of our product Owls Gel Grip Folding cane from "Stephs Cheers & Jeers"

You can read her review here.  

October 18, 2015 - Don't know what to say, received my thin blue line cane today, and it is really GREAT, the logo is outstanding, the cane is perfect, a pride item for any retired police officer, will be exciting to visit my old police department with this cane, just to show it off.  Cane is well made, light and easy to use, being a folding cane it is easy to use getting into and out of my vehicle, thank you all for the cane, and it will be an honor to walk around with this cane,  this cane is really really great, and I am so happy being it's owner, again thank you all, you made my day          Bill Eynon

Herman, Feb 3, 2015

We received the cane.  We took it with us on a seven day cruise.  We could not have made it without it.  Thank you very much for the excellent service. 


Sherry L Shadwick, Jan. 7, 2015
I received my folding footed walking cane as a Christmas present.  I had an issue with the cane and it was quickly corrected and I was sent a new cane. The graphics are beautiful the design of the cane is very lightweight and easy to use.
As a mom I'm always looking for something that is lightweight, folds up and is out of the way and this is the perfect cane for that.
 Should I need any other products I will definitely be using B Funky Mobility.    They have great customer service and the product is USA made.  It just doesn't get any better than that.

From Vicki, Sept 23, 2014

Thank you for your great customer service!!!  The folding quad Steampunk cane arrived this morning.  The graphics you suggested are wonderful and very unique.   My husband is very much impressed with its folding capability,
light weight,  strong support and the fact that it stands alone.  The gel handle is a perfect for a secure, non-slip grip. It should serve him well on our upcoming trip.
You are unique in the market.  Please continue your great work. Regards, Vicki

From Stephany, July 20, 2014

I will be ordering again soon and your website was mentioned as a good place to shop for xmas with a list of the canes I want. Of course you can se my name in your advertising. Be sure to mention the customer service was outstanding!!
Stephany​ Banks

From Stephanie, May 5, 2014

Well, I said I'd be back, and here I am! I just received my new folding cane which is going to get the quad treatment in a few days. There is the trip of a lifetime in my future and I can't leave my cane behind. My mother and I are going to England via the classic transatlantic crossing aboard the QM2. Space is certainly a consideration, so I've treated myself to another lovely, useful cane. It arrived quickly, and I love the dragon design. I can just see myself all dressed for one of the formal evenings accessorized in part by my stylish cane. Thanks again!

Stefanie Argudo Mackenzie



Danielle Wrote March 26, 2014 We got them!! Jordan loves them so much! Thanks again! Photo attached!


From Jamie Kriss, March 24, 2014

I just got my skull with flames folding walking cane I have spina bifida im 42 in Washington I have a very hard time with my balance because of my bad knees thanx to you guys I can now walk without getting tierd and I love the choses of canes u offer I don’t like plain I chose things that stand out and your canes do thatJI will get another cane from you very soon.


From Shea Leecock, March 11, 2014  To View her Website "Warriors of Hope" click here

Here is a pic of me with my new crutches!! I LOVE them and thank you so much for helping me with all my questions before my order was placed. They arrived faster than expected, and the quality of them are amazing! I could not be any happier with them! Love the pattern also! Everything is perfect and I look forward to ordering more patterns in the future! Thanks again!! :)


From Stephen MUEHLBAUER on Jan 22, 2014:

Thanks for the update...the cane is great! I've doubled my speed getting around and it saved me from one fall already. He is my new best friend and I've nicknamed him "Citizen" (as in "Citizen Kane").


From Ralph Rymer, OH -October 3, 2013

Item as described. Well packed. Fast shipment. What else can you ask for? I would recommend BFunkyMobility without hesitation.

From Justine Albers - September 14, 2013

Dear BFunkyMobility,

I want to thank you for offering a line of walking canes that speak to the young generation and your designs rock! I am a 22 year old female with recently diagnosed M.S. and realized a few months ago I could no longer live without help in walking.  My therapist recommended BFunkyMobility after viewing your products online and suggested that if I wanted to not look like I am 80 order one of your designs.  The workmanship is excellent and speaking over the phone with you helped me out in my decision to purchase a T handle walking cane.  When it arrived I was amazed at how pretty it was and adjusting the cane to fit me was easy.  You were kind and helpful and I plan on making BFunkyMobility my go to place in the near future and recommend it to all.

Justine Albers – N.M.

From a parent with a child who has C.P. - September 8, 2013

Thank you! Our daughter loved her pink floral forearm crutches and as parents of a child with C.P. this boosted her confidence and a smile you receive daily from a little girl with love for her new crutches is priceless, keep up the good work! We will send photos soon!

 Angela & Tina

From Lois Forster - August 6, 2013

It was my pleasure to work with Darcy. She spent a lot of time with me. I did not want an adjustable cane and she explained about the carbon fiber ones. They absolutely do not handle like an adjustable cane and are extremely steady for walking. I loves the patterns and so far am very pleased with the canes and service. Lois Forster

From John C Miller, Tempe AZ - May 23, 2013

Just received the forearms that you did for me and they are awesome. Good quality will be back for another pair, thank you for your support and help your encouragement gave me confidence to move on.  Keep up the good work, nice to have customer help that I can actually talk with.

From Mark & Renee Brison - May 13, 2013

Mark and I ordered a photo cane and we were very pleased with it.  The images we sent were correctly done, the backround color was fantastic and really showed off the family members well.  This was a gift to our grandmother who was 86 years old and it brought tears to her eyes when she saw all 11 of her great grandbabies on it!  I promise to send photo soon of her with her new cane so you can post it online it's the cutest thing!  We definately would recommend your products to friends and family, you do outstanding work and we thank you!


From John & Shannon Sweeting - May 2, 2013

Darcy, The beautiful crutches came today! Your company did an OUTSTANDING job!! Thank you for everything. We will definitely use you again and thank you for your excellent customer service and patience! Sincerely, Shannon


Awesome! Got my Tolkien Quote Cane and the colors are vibrant, workmanship is excellent and customer service was outstanding from start to finish.  I have ALS and being younger did not like options via other walking canes I searched for in other sites.  This company is very responsive to creating something truly unique and wonderful.  Will be back from more, looking forward to your new designs you mentioned coming soon - Debra Conner, Tucson AZ

Wonderful customer service, contacted them through the main site, clear about status of items in question, willing to go the extra mile for the customer. proud to support the company! would use again, especially if a broader range of products were offered!"


From Susan Moore - April 2, 2013

Love the new site! Easy to use and your new lines are fantastic.  Just received my new skulls with the barbed wire in a t handle and the quality is far better than represented on the site.  Fast shipping and promised when ordered, we will be back for more. Keep up the good work and we will be checking back to see your new lines you said coming.


From Eric Dober - March 21, 2013

Clever and right on the mark for craftmanship, love these. Bought 2 previously and just got my irish walking stick and love this one as well. Thank you to Darcy for helping me check out and giving me exactly what i expected.


From Janelle Moran- March 15, 2013

Just got my red daisy t handle, the workmanship is great.  Pretty and well built, the price was great and the image online did not do this cane justice.  The colors are vibrant and service from start to finish was good too, I will be back for more!

From alysa - Feb 18, 2013

Got my butterly cane and it is so pretty! Thanks

Anonymous Wrote on Dec. 24, 2012

I was blown away by the fast shipping, and even more amazed at the beauty of the cane, the design is simply beautiful. I was chosen to receive a free cane and I am so thankful that I was. Within a week of receiving my cane, it has been put to good use. I developed pneumonia over Christmas and am having to rely on my cane just to move around where I am so weak. I am 36 and upon being told by my Dr that I would need a cane to help me walk, I was upset to say the least. I knew it was coming due to recurrent issues with my hip, but I just couldn't bring myself to truly admit it. Even hearing it from her mouth, I was like no. After finally accepting the inevitable I decided to search for "funky canes" because there was no way I would carry an "old person" cane. Now imagine my surprise when I discovered a company with the name BFunky Mobility. After looking at the canes and Bookmarking the ones I liked for future purchase, I noticed the entry box for a free cane. In the comments section I shared a bit about myself and what led to my current situation. I was contacted a couple days later asking about my story and I immediately shared it. When I received the email that I was selected for a free cane, I literally cried. This year has been so full of negativity that I was speechless at the generosity of this company. I am already recommending BFunky to everyone and have been showing off my stylish new cane. Thank you will never begin to cover the appreciation I have.

On Dec. 11th, Karen wrote:

I received my beautiful Blue Bird cane from the bFunky cane giveaway contest, and I have never seen or used a more beautiful and sturdy cane as long as I have been disabled!! It is so light weight but really sturdy and comfortable fit for my hand. The color is my favorite and the pictures of the blue birds are beautiful!! I love my new cane and thank you so much for having the contest to allow people to win these wonderful canes!!! Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

Alice M. Wrote: You girls were so helpful with me and I want to thank you for all you do to help customers.
Marilynn R. Wrote: It is so nice to have something that doesn’t make me look like I am 90! Keep up the good work!
John H. Miller Wrote: Fun site, loved the selection. I got the ghost flame cane and it is cool, thanks!
Jessica R. Wrote: Found your site was helpful in my decision to purchase a quad cane. Was even better when I found out I could have any of the designs on one. Using a cane is not going to be so difficult anymore as long as I can keep coming back to get new ones!
Mary R. Wrote:
Thanks for sending me a free cane! Love it and BFunky!

9/30/2012 Debbie wrote:

"I came accross the bfunky mobility website when I was looking for ideas for canes. My friend JoAnn, who has macular degeneration, now has to use a cane. She was using an old cane that belonged to her late husband. I asked if I could spruce it up a little. My plans were sand it and paint it. But then I saw a contest onbfunkymobility.com to win a walking cane. I was notified by Darcy that I had won and I knew immediately that I was going to give it to JoAnn. The design is "Wild Paisley" and goes perfectly for a classy lady. She was surprised and very happy. It is adjustable which is even better because JoAnn is about 5'2". Thank youbfunkymobility.com I highly recomment your canes not only for how nice looking it is but for it's durability. Thank you Debbie Daubs."

"My cane was worth its price many times over on my recent trip to Europe!"

Thank you,
Sally Stinson, Buffalo MN

"Just wanted you to know my new, completely tricked out cane got to my house a few days ago. This is my first cane purchase, and I couldn't be more pleased with it and the entire process of ordering to receiving.

I have needed one for a little while, but I resisted getting one of my own for a lot of reasons. I was using one my late husband used, thinking cane usage was temporary. Well, cane usage for me is NOT temporary, so I said OK, but true to my ways I am not settling for the standard metal or decorated with little demure flowers kind of cane. I had looked and looked for one, and was really disappointed until I found your website.

The choices are just amazing, along with the accessories. I got the cane with the Beatles quote of: 'Take these broken wings and learn to fly,' the lit tip (way cool, BTW), sparkle wrist strap and custom grip. Before it came, I thought, 'You know, if this works out, I just may have to get the custom paint job for my mobility scooter to match the design on my cane.' Now that it's here, well, it just may have to happen.

Customer service was fantastic. I had immediate communication about my cane and that it was going to take a little longer due to the grip. Fine. I really appreciated how quickly you let me know, and how good the communication was. A wonderful experience all round. I'm a pretty tough customer to impress as I was a customer service manager for some years. When I need another one, I will definitely be back. Can't imagine going anywhere else.

I'm so pleased I can have a little whimsy and reflection of my personality with an item which doesn't usually have a positive association. Thank you, Bfunky, for having that sense of humor and cheek with your items and the outstanding customer service."

Stefanie Argudo Mackenzie

"I got my cane today. How beautiful it is! What a blessing you are! God is going to richly bless you for blessing me."

Love, Deborah Hooper

"Hey, I want to thank you for the custom crutches and all the fine work you did. You got something going on here, I want to tell you there is nothing like you online. When we spoke over the phone you were nice and helpful and I get the feeling you gals know how to make people happy. Thank you again for the nice crutches."  

Rand in Ohio


"Thank you, Darcy, for making me smile. I received my replacement BFunky awareness cane in pink.  The first one ordered came in silver. I was disappointed that it was not pink. I contacted you and as a result got my new cane in pink for free. Thank you again. As a breast cancer survivor of seven years now, I can show my support for others who have encountered this horrible disease, as well as use it for my own support as it is not only comfortable to use but admire as well. Your personalized service, customer care and fast shipping show your commitment, not only to the customer but to your products as well. I will be telling everyone I know who needs a practical, beautiful cane that I got mine from BFunky Mobility."

Marianne Marozzi

"I just can't say enough about this wonderful company! I had ordered a new cane for my mom from another company which said the item was in stock. To make a long story short, the item kept getting back ordered with no correspondence from the company at all. I finally cancelled that order and went in search online again. I am so thankful I found BFunky Mobility! They processed my order quickly and effortlessly. A few days later my mom had her beautiful cane! She was THRILLED!

Thank you, Darcy - I really appreciated all you did!"

Susan Pelger

"What can I say? You guys are amazing. We had a mail strike for two weeks, and lo and behold my cane arrived the day after my surgery. Your customer service is great, and it is wonderful to deal with people who like people. Thank you again."

Barbara Hart

"Ordering was simple, people helped me along with my order. My cane came, and I am super happy with it. I chose a design specifically for me with my photos of my days in service. The color is right, and the photos seem to travel down the cane very well. I chose a round handle cane. Thank you so much for all the help, and I would highly recommend to others that they buy their walking cane from you."

Happy day,

"Well, it got here and I love it. BFunky is awesome. I'm 100% disabled and had to have a cane but couldn't afford it or find around here. When I tracked the company Darcy got right on the ball and got me nominated for their help program and I actually got picked. I'll probably order one from then when I can."

Thanks again,

"Just received cane, took more than 10 days to receive. It was everything promised.  I am not blaming you for shipping delays, your emails kept me posted on package."


Old Fashioned

"Want to thank you for helping me pick out a cane over the phone. I would not have known what style to choose with my mother. She loved the cane when it arrived. We ordered the design with the checkerflag girl on a quad cane. She loves it! I am going to recommend your site to anyone I see with a bad cane."

Jennifer O. 

"Ordered an offset cane in dice pattern from you. Got this cane in October. Waited a long time to post feedback, wanted to see if it held up and it still looks like the day I bought it. Get a lot of comments on it, I feel like a gentleman walking the streets now."

Orlander H.

"Second photo cane, they get better every time. Going to show my new train photo memory cane to my friends! Thank you for great service and fast and prompt shipping."

Bill G.

"Super, great, thanks!"

Jan R. 

"I ordered a custom-made cane with photos of my travels and where I had been and the workmanship, color and design were fantastic! Got exactly what I wanted and did not take long to get it. Thank you."

Richard L.

"I thought the cost was a little much for the cane, but when I got it I truly made a good decision. The color, design and the quality of the cane amazed me. This is a great price for a good product. I also requested gift wrapping and that was good as well. We are located in Arizona and I got the coyote cane - my friends are jealous!

Cecil L. 

"Got my Harley cane today and the imaging was great. Took to motorcycle club and they went nuts for it. The travel canes are perfect for bikers, I found. I am definitely going to order more, BTW great fast shipping!

The Dodger

"We had been looking a long time for a walking cane that was unique and found this site. The folks who took care of us there at your store were great! Got exactly what I was looking for and a good price. Will recommend this site to my friends. Thank you.

Alice C.

"I ordered a photo cane for my father. The workmanship was excellent, and we were very satisfied."

Ryan H.