In regards to the COVID-19 Virus

On behalf of my company BFunkyMobility, I want to assure you we are closely monitoring the ever-evolving situation regarding coronavirus (COVID-19).

While we've always had extremely high standards for the production of our walking canes, we've recently added a number of additional preventative measures.  And, based on guidance from local and national health authorities, we're prepared to take even more steps should the outbreak become more widespread.

While other walking cane companies simply "Drop Ship" from Asian and Foreign countries BFunkyMobility creates each cane individually per order.  We do not "Drop Ship".

BFunkyMobility's Foam Offset handle walking canes are microbial.  While we cannot guarantee that your cane handle you use will stay sanitized when you receive and use them each walking cane made here is shipped in a plastic bag to guard against damage and outside germs.  Our wood handle canes are easily cleaned with soap and water and dried and our Gel Grip Handles can simply be washed or sprayed with a antibacterial spray if needed.

We will NEVER ship out used walking canes or walking canes that have been returned it was never out policy to do so, each cane if returned is disposed or recycled.

If you plan on returning one of our walking canes please be advised it will be placed in our warehouse in a designated area for 2 weeks before we open and inspect the package.  We will then process the return for you.

We take a tremendous amount of pride in the role we play in providing you and your loved ones with safe, high-quality walking canes.  Please know there is nothing more important to us than ensuring the safety of ourselves and our customers, and we will continue to take any and all steps as we always have to do just that.

God bless and be well,

Darcy Brambrink