We create all of our walking canes right here in the USA.  Each of our walking canes are constructed of high grade aluminum and all are self adjustable to the height you need them to be.  We offer over 530 patterns on our walking canes and unlike drugstore walking canes ours come with the "fun" and "funky" factor. 

Started in 2010 working in the Medical Supply business we found people who were so mad that they could not find a cool or fun walking cane.  BFunkyMobility was born with some of the most fun and most unique walking canes in the world.  With over thousands of walking canes a year sold each customer and each cane is made per order with care and love.  We are excited every day about our product and hope you will be too!  Order the best, most fun walking cane you can buy at a reasonable price and know it comes to you from a family based business in the central USA!

We offer fast, prompt shipping and most orders are shipped next day!