Winners are posted on our website here.  If you see your name you have 30 days to contact us with shipping information and the desired walking cane you prefer.

Winner can choose one walking cane, foam handle offset, regular folding cane or T handle walking cane.  No customization is offered and selection must be valued at $34.99 or less.

If you want to be entered in our monthly drawing simply sign up for our newsletter on the homepage - like us on Facebook or forward our website to a friend and you are automatically in the mix!  You only need to enter once as we keep all entries for 1 year.

Winners of Free Walking Canes 2017* winners of free walking canes are notified by email or phone.  Winners names who have claimed prizes are posted here for 3 months.


Anne Schieffer - Foley MO - 
Michael Lodato - Stow OH
Fred Larson - Kansas City KS
Andrea Filer - San Francisco CA
Erin Miller - Lansing MI


Denise Allen - Seattle WA

Janey Radum - New York NY

Ron Urdell - Clearwater FL


Sam Johnson - Billings MT

Ardelle Henderson - Chicago IL